Heartland Hemp Inc. September 2018 Report

September Report: Heartland CBD Sales Are Up!

Over the last year, we have been working hard, researching, and ensuring that our products are indefinitely the best of the best.

Looking across the industry, Heartland CBD has positioned itself well in the Florida community, as well as nationwide, making friends and network connections across the United States. 

As a result, our sales have been increasing, and with it, as promised, the quality of our content and our brand has greatly increased, and our prices have balanced out noticeably.

We are very glad to have each and every one of our valued customers and look forward to bringing them new value every day.

Free Shipping on CBD

Along with price balances to make everything more affordable and of greater value, thanks to your help, we have been able to include free shipping! Thank you to all of our loyal customers!

Local Delivery & Nationwide Shipping

Local delivery is still a service that is provided by Heartland CBD, however, because of our most recent price updates, our delivery services are no longer processed through FloridaCBD.me and all orders that are in our delivery service range, will be called to schedule a drop-off time. We are working to improve this system to make it much more friendly. The good news is, you can say good-bye to the delivery service fees, and say hello to your freshly made bottle of Heartland CBD.

Heartland CBD Memberships

CBD VIP Membership

It was once upon a time in the earliest stages of our development that we had introduced a membership system here at Heartland Hemp Inc. that was starting to really balance out, but there were many bugs to it, and ultimately the old idea had to be held off on. 

Now we are proud to present our VIP Memberships at Heartland CBD. 

When you sign up for a 3-month, 6-month, or 1 year VIP membership, you get immediate savings that only wholesale and exclusive LTOs can offer, all year long.

Military Discounts for CBD

Military discount registration is 100% free to verify and the account will last for the lifetime of the company. So long as we exist, so do your military discounts on our premium hemp CBD products.

We are especially interested in working with veterans because we are an artisan company, which means we will work with medical professionals to fine-tune your blends.

This membership offer discounts ranging from 30% – 50% off of our CBD oils and lotions.

Bottles and Labels

A major part of this release is our branding update. You will notice that we have included a hemp leaf, a colored orb that resembles the blend type, and our ever-present “HHI” emblem in the center. 

Our packaging has also been changing, as you can see here, we now include a box that is used to safely transport your freshly made hemp CBD oils, as well as clear instruction on the use and doses, have been included to suit the modern-day shopping experience.

These bottles and boxes are currently in development, however, our in-house development has allowed us to have slightly rougher versions of this packaging available.

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